Out on July 3rd 2020





HEY LIFE are celebrating their 100,000th stream with a rock cover of Dua Lipa’s ‘Break My Heart’.

Following the success of their single ‘Blue’ totalizing more than 70,000 views and 50,000 streams, The French alt-rockers in HEY LIFE are back on July 3rd with a cover of Dua Lipa's hit ‘Break My Heart’ to celebrate their 100,000th stream on Spotify!

Since the release of their first EP ‘Masquerade’, the band has made its place in the French alternative scene thanks to catchy choruses and powerful riffs. Driven by the ambition to make people move, their sense of groove suits the danceable vibe of the original track really well.

"Ce qu’on apprécie énormément chez ces frenchies c’est leur ambition, leur fraîcheur mais surtout leur énergie contagieuse !"

- Mathieu Belchit, La Distillerie Musicale

“C’est au tour de HEY LIFE de mettre un peu de peps dans nos vies ce soir. La formation a un son frais, plein d’énergie, et qui met définitivement de bonne humeur”


- Aurélie Renault, Spread Their Sound

EPK : heylifeofficial.com/epkfr

Pour plus d’informations, contactez : 

Marc Fondecave


+336 64 96 18 85

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